India to walk into the Golden Era with Startup India Standup India Campaign

What is an exciting time today is to be alive? Pool of opportunities, umpteen ways of being successful and millions of ways to earn money. India has risen to the opportunity in the last decade.

Indian Startups have worked hard to combat with International Players like Uber, Amazon and have faired really well. Indian startup community has shown the world a new way. Today we can see how parents have grown liberal and how amazingly they have started supporting their kids, when they decided to “Take the Road Not Taken”.

When we talk about the impact these startups and entrepreneurs have made we need to mention the special efforts made by the contemporary Indian government led by Honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. Be it Foreign Direct Investment or providing small scale startups with seed capital via MUDRA Yojana, Modi Ji has tried his level best to boost entrepreneurship in India.

It is first time in the Indian History that we have a government that is serious about bringing a change in the way people do business here. Improved rankings and increased investment are proofs that the reforms are working.

Startup India Standup India is Modi Ji’s dream project for Indian Startups and Entrepreneurs. This one campaign is going to provide Indian Entrepreneurs with the required boost. The new rules and the less hectic tax regimes will make it easier for entrepreneurs to come together and build that successful business.

Few reforms and rule changes that are bound to impact Indian Startup Community are:

• RBI to launch helpline and enlighten Startups on FOREX Matters.
• Under MUDRA YOJANA every bank to invest in at least one startup in their locality.
• Tax Exemption for employees working on equity instead of salary from startups.
• No imposed tax for startups till they touch the mark of a million Indian Rupees.
• Startup India Standup India program to increase the ease of doing business
• Special funds and incubation centers for MSMEs.
• Google powered training programs for aspiring entrepreneurs and developers.
• India’s largest Incubation center at Hyderabad with capacity to hold more than 800 startups.
• Empowering local people with free wi-fi by Google and Microsoft.
• Google to provide access to tools for free.
• India today is the third largest startup community only after UK and US.
• India today acquires 100 Million USD every week as investment in startups.
• Nine Indian startups are valued more than billion dollars each.
• Indian startups have acquired $18 Million in last five years out of which 50 percent came in the fiscal year 2015.
• The new and well-established incubators are all set to empower Indian Startups with great powers and opportunities.

The Start Up India mission to be unveiled on Saturday envisages technology business incubators and research parks. The Science and Technology. The newly established incubators will be helping startups in batch of 20. Giants like Google and Microsoft are looking forward to empower these incubators with new tools and technologies.

In past, governments have organized and have started various events and campaigns related to startups but it is first time in the history that these events are not focused around IITs and IIMs. This time government is focusing on dedicated entrepreneurs and people who all are here to make a difference. The changing paradigms are going to benefit the common man with a different thinking.

Wow! How amazingly the future is going to change if all of these reforms come into implementation. It will become so easy and exciting for entrepreneurs to build the business of their dream. Empowered by giants like Google and Microsoft the new age entrepreneurs will never get hassled when it comes to acquiring the required tools and resources.

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